Auto Insurance

The insurance for your auto has various parameters. Following are the services offered under auto insurance:

Auto Rental service: In case your car is under repair, we provide rental auto service as a replacement for your car. We pay the rental bill for defined period.

Bodily Injury Coverage: Auto Insurance service covers the expenses after an auto accident. It includes medical, property repair, expenditure of the injured passenger. It can be the client or anyone affected by the mishap.

Business Auto: This service covers the losses due to theft or damage to the car. Auto insurance is unique to corporate clients, where the owner of the car is an organization.

Collectible Auto: The collective auto policy is for vintage cars. Any damage to these particular vehicles is covered.

Collision Coverage: Collision Coverage under Auto Insurance includes the losses due to collision for any reasons, including climatic conditions.

Comprehensive Coverage: The policy covers your vehicle from mishaps like fire, flood, animal hit, riots and some more.

Fault or No-Fault Coverage: There are various scenarios for an accident. In case you are at the blame, we will see to that you are covered under our policies. At the same time, if the other party is at fault, you will be covered by them.

Medical Payment Coverage: This auto insurance plan covers the medical bills and even the funeral expenses of the person who meet with an accident. This includes you, your family member travelling by your vehicle or by some other vehicle.

The other services under Auto insurance includes Glass repair and replacement coverage, liability coverage, towing services, motor home services, equipment services, property damage coverage, safety apparel coverage and unsecured motorist coverage.