Health Insurance

The health insurance covers the ambulance cover, hospital cover & the general treatment cover. The basic healthcare insurance plan provides you with the financial security in the situations of medical emergencies.

Ambulance cover

It gives you access to unlimited emergency ambulance trips including air services and on-the-spot treatment. Typical emergency situations are acute breathing difficulties, uncontrollable bleeding, sudden collapse, severe chest pains, fractured bones, etc.

Hospital Cover

With hospital cover, you can choose your doctor, and also decide whether you will be treated in a public or a private hospital that your doctor attends.

General Treatment Cover

General treatment cover (ancillary cover or extras cover) provides insurance against the usual costs of treatment by supplementary health service providers. The magnitude of your cover depends on the type of policy you select. This cover may include services such as chiropractic treatment, dental treatment, home nursing, podiatry physiotherapy, speech and eye therapy, occupational, prostheses (e.g. hearing aids) and glasses and contact lenses.